I’m Meghan, a low-vision artist, game designer, and podcaster! I focus on creating compelling narratives supported by colorful art and accessible design. Please check out the devlog to see what games I’m working on now, or Instagram for sketches and artwork in progress!

illustration of Meghan in armor, holduing a battleaxe over her shoulder, sitting on a dragon skull

Some Games I've Made

Crystal Caper Preview Image

Crystal Caper

A magical girl hack of Grant Howitt’s “Honey Heist”.

Download at itch.io

product image of character sheet & sample henge bios in black & white

Golden Sky Age

Dragon Age animal character sheets for Golden Sky Stories

Download at itch.io

screenshot of a Notion page styled to resemble a 5E character sheet with databases for stats, weapons, spells, etc

5e Notion Template

Notion templates for D&D 5th Edition character sheets.

Download coming soon!

Game Development Log

  • Engine Trouble
    on August 11, 2022

    Not a lot to report this week. I've been moodboarding and noodling on character designs for the Untitled Christmas Otome Game, but other than that I haven't had much game time. The post Engine Trouble first appeared on meglish media.

stylized 3D rendering of mug with purple heart

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Art & Animation

Recent Art

Recent Animation


A short animatic about snacks and friendship.

AK:TM Opening Cinematic

The opening of the Astral Knights: Tactical Magic game demo.


My Shows

Modifier podcast album art


An interview program highlighting creators in the tabletop space who hack and modify games to create something entirely new. We go in-depth on how and why changing the rules enables better storytelling.

Find all episodes of Modifier on the One Shot Podcast Network.

Tales from Thedas podcast album art

Tales from Thedas

An anthology actual play that tells the stories of everyday heroes of Thedas, using a variety of systems to tell Dragon Age stories. This fan-series features a rotating cast of players & characters in mini-campaigns.

Tales from Thedas will be available at the One Shot Podcast Network!

Guest Appearances

If you’re looking for other podcasts I have made appearances on or guest-produced, including video streams, you can find a complete list here.


I make things you can buy! Check out my shop meglish makes for pins and stickers. I also have a  Spoonflower for print-on-demand fabrics.

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